In a classic tale of employee turned entrepreneur, Lev Vayner leveraged a stellar industry reputation and 10-plus years in software development into his new venture, Vayner Systems.

He saw an opportunity to grow beyond serving A-list clients like Dupont, Ernst & Young and University Hospitals, and start being a much-needed lifeline to startups and growing businesses all over America. He also plans to produce a line his own products and bring them to market to help industries work smarter.

The Mission

In short, the mission is people first.

Vayner Systems sees the potential and the passion behind innovative companies that rely on small teams and big ideas. It's where many of the largest companies started and, it's where we can build relationships with young new companies that need the right tools to thrive.

Who we Are

We're system engineers and project leaders who geek out on streamlining processes.

We're product developers who have built and serviced loT devices for huge markets.

We're specialists in B2B and direct-to-client services.

We're the people who are happy to help you do great things!

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