Keep your Software Journey Simple.

Combo with Hardware

We'll build your hardware and software together as one unified product. No more akward integration points between two disjoined teams.

Infrastructure ready

We'll provide all of the infrastructure required for all steps of the development process. We'll build and manage cloud infrastructure and oversee the deployment of all software, requiring only an approval for releases from our clients.

Project Guru-ship

Our experts will lead you through the steps required to get your ideas on paper and in code. Everything from requirement gathering and identifying the highest priorities to ongoing planning and prioritization to ensure the client always has our team at their fingertips.

Dev. Team Supreme

We take pride in maintaining a high pedegree. All technical staff has a proven track record of sucessful and timely delivery. Our teams are constructed of carefully picked individuals. Lean yet effective process ensure everyone performs or excels at their function.

Don't waste your time!

Start your Software

Get A-to-Z Software Masterminding

Software Samurai

Yes, we know our stuff. From our team members all the way up to Lev Vayner himself, we put pen to paper when it comes to creating awesome software.

Ghost-like Transparency

We build software like project managers, not like engineers. Get transparent, phase-by-phase breakdowns so you know we're keeping the pace and getting things done.

Self-automated Squad

Saying that we hit the ground running is an understatement. Our synergetic team members have all the groundwork in place, just say the word and we'll know what to do.

Productivity O'clock

Projects need deadlines, and deadlines need to be crushed. Whether you need to gain momentum or trust in a team to stay on top of things, we can help.

What we've done